Protecting Your Company Assets with Quality Services

Jones Corporate can protect your company assets in a variety of ways, operating in both a competitive and ethical manner, ensuring accurate communication and openness is a key principle of our business model, delivering a personal service to high standards.

Our services are divided into two distinct areas, these being:

Jones Corporate Services

Providing security related services to help manage your risks and increase profits. These services include loss prevention and compliance audits, covert investigations, along with fraud and theft investigations.

Jones Corporate FM

Delivering property maintenance services to assist in the upkeep and development of your infrastructure. These include planned and reactive maintenance, refurbishments and refits of retail and office environment, along with commercial painting and decorating.

Jones Corporate can support your company by offering a personal level of service, working closely with you and your team, providing cost effective and achievable solutions to your business needs, from loss prevention to property maintenance, and ultimately help to protect your company assets.

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