Investment in the future is essential for any business, particularly investment in people, and with the future in mind Jones Corporate have employed their first trainee.  Abbie Holt joined the business in October 2016 and will learn a wide range of new skills during her employment with Jones Corporate, from operational activity to administration support, and is welcomed by the whole team. 

Abbie Holt has joined Jones Corporate as a trainee to learn all aspects of the business and will be spending time working with the operational teams on maintenance and refurbishment activity, along with further developing her existing administration skills at the Jones Corporate office in Lancashire.  

Abbie is committed to this exciting new challenge and will be actively learning these new skills in line with her Personal Development Plan and with the support of all at Jones Corporate.  Jones Corporate are keen to develop their staff and investment in a new trainee is just the start of that ongoing investment with further investment in our people to come. 

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