Jones Corporate Services provide experienced loss prevention teams, many having both policing and loss prevention backgrounds, along with considerable skills in both public and private sectors as fraud investigators and loss prevention specialists. 

Countless businesses lose millions of pounds each year simply because of:

  • Employee theft
  • Employee behaviour
  • Employee non-compliance to procedures
  • Waste/Shrinkage

Many large companies do have Loss Prevention or Asset & Profit Protection departments dedicated to minimising the risks from loss through theft, robbery, cash losses, and non-compliance issues.  These departments can save business large amounts of money, if run effectively, and are a key element of a company’s profitability. Outsourcing these departments could provide savings in the direct employment costs and potential reduction of financial losses, utilising a flexible but experienced loss prevention professionals.

With SME companies, these losses can be more critical and indeed with smaller organisations could be the difference between making a profit or loss.  Our flexible approach to supporting SME companies could make that vital difference, and there are a number of approaches that could be taken to deliver a flexible and affordable loss prevention capability.

Jones Corporate will offer a personal level of service, working closely with you to achieve an in-depth and confidential understanding of your business, and we will aim to create a cost effective and achievable solution to your current losses and potential risks.

For a confidential discussion, please contact Jones Corporate on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.